5 months later… ( Part 1 )

I can’t believe it took me so long to write this last article!

I guess I needed time to overcome my sadness


I left Seoul on August, and gosh that was so heartbreaking !

I spent my last night in Korea with my friends laughing and playing like I wasn’t going to take the plane in the morning…

I didn’t sleep a lot ( maybe 2 or 3 hours) and when I left the dorm, with my heavy luggage,

I saw all my friends standing in front of me: they didn’t sleep at all !

I was so shocked that, well,  I couldn’t  cry.



During the flight, I was chatting with a young Japanese woman and her mother.

She was telling me that she dreamed to come to Paris all her life.


Poor thing, she will be very VERY shocked, like the others victims of the

« Paris syndrome »

(not kidding, it does really exist ! )

After 12 hours, I arrived in Paris and I spent the night trying to sleep… on a bench inside the airport.


(The worst night of my entire life)

And in the morning, I took my train to MARSEILLES.


Korean skin care routine and diet


( Actress and Model Go Jun Hee )

As you probably heard, korean girls are skinny. REALLY skinny.

On top of that , almost all of them have FLAWLESS skin ! Without even talking about their perfect hair

( so shinny and soft *O* )

Korean ( woman AND men ) are generaly craaazy about their physic. They spend a large amound of money for it !

I’m a yo-yo type of girl. My body love to play the Fit-Fat game : Fit in Summer, Fat in Winter.

My hair is a mess. I have curly hair, and since I’m in Seoul, they have met their two best ENEMIES : Mister Humidity and Miss Rain.


My arabic genes are really not helping me …

But one thing did improve since I’m here : my skin ❤

Korean skin products are AH-MAY- ZING !

Grab a snack and get confortable because this post is gonna be veeeeery long.

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Traditional Arts Performances @ KOREA HOUSE

I had the chance to eat traditional food and see some Traditional Arts Performance at the KOREA HOUSE :



The Buffet was DE-LI-CIOUS !


And the waitress were dressed with traditional Hanbok


(Sorry for the lame quality,  I took these pictures with my old phone )

After having filling my belly with this very tasty food, we go to a little theater located inside the KOREA HOUSE.

And then, the performance started

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I’m back

I'm back

I know, I know I didn’t write articles since last month… I’m such a lazy girl !

But hey ! I’m preparing some article just for you ❤


Yeah, I think it’s time to go to the gym…

Yeah, I think it's time to go to the gym...

I took so much weight since I’m in Korea !
Before I came, I thought that « yeah you know, you’ll eat some healthy korean food blah blah blah » BULLSHIT !
I spent all my money to the convenience store buying ramyeon ( korean ramen ) and kimbap and some delicious unhealthy stuff …

After watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Youtube ( Haha, it’s very effective, trust me )
I decided to go to the Gym !

With my very motivated friends, we registered to the University Gym Club located at the Minerva Complex.
It’s only 15 000 wons/10 euros per month ( reaaaly cheap ) 😀

Here the video of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
( Don’t thank me ) :

HUFS Spring Festival 2013

Du 14 au 16 mai avait lieu à l’Université Hankuk des études étrangères le Spring Festival 2013

Trois jours de festivités sur le campus, avec des jeux, des concerts, de la bonne bouffe …

Des artistes nous ont offert des performances sur scène énormes 🙂

Il y avait pour ne citer que les plus connus : Urban Zakapa, Verbal Jint et Supreme Team

The 14, 15 and 16th May was the Spring Festival 2013 in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Three days of festivities on the campus with games, concert and gooood food …

A lot of artists give us awesomes performances 🙂

Some celebrities came like Urban Zakapa, Verbal Jint or Supreme Team ( Simon D ❤ )

Jour 1/ Day 1

En allant en cours comme tout les matins, je vois cela :

On my way to class, I saw that:



N’est ce pas magnifique ?

Beautiful right ?

En regardant par la fenêtre de ma classe , j’aperçois celà :

From the window of my class I saw that:


Un toboggan !





Holly sh*t that’s K.E.B.A.B  !



J’ai 10 ans.

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« World Pop-Up Art » Exhibition @ Seoul Art Center

Du 31 mars au 19 mai 2013, il y a une exposition sympa au Seoul Art Center : World Pop-Up Art !

Vous savez ces sortes de pliages que l’on pouvait trouver dans nos livres d’enfances 🙂

From March 31 to May 19, there is a cool exhibition at the Seoul Art Center : World Pop-Up Art !

You know this kind of paper folding that we could find in our childhood’s books 🙂





On pouvait y trouver des livres utilisant cette technique du  » pop-up » ainsi que des supports moins scolaires…

We could find some books using this technique of « pop-up » and others…


Comme des publicités de marques de sac ou de parfums !

Like advertisement for bag or perfume brands !


On pouvait aussi y trouver des informations concernant les techniques utilisées dans le « Pop-up » Art.

We could also find informations about the techniques used for the « Pop-up » Art



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When a grown girl do the  » Aegyo  » …

girl really

Qu’est ce que le « Aegyo » ? / What is « Aegyo » ? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQJ0b7lSoXU

not cute

Let’s go to the Temple ! #Buramsan

Je n’avais jamais visité de temple de ma vie… avant dimanche !

Grâce à un ami brésilien vivant à Séoul, Daniel,  j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer et discuter avec des moines autour d’un bon thé fait maison 😀

Il y avait trois moines super sympas : un coréen, un chinois et… un polonais (ex-punk d’après ce qu’il nous a dit )!

I’ve never visited a temple in my entire life… before this sunday ! 

Thanks to my brazilian friend Daniel, I had the chance to meet and discusse with monks around a good homemade tea 😀

There were three monks: a Korean, a Chinese and … a Pole ( younger he was a punk as he says )!

Mais avant cela, nous avons dû marcher un bon moment …

Le temple se trouvant quelque part dans le Buramsan:  » La montagne de Bouddha « 

But before that, we had to walk a long time…

The temple is somewhere in the Buramsan,  » The Buddha Mountain »









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When I go to my Taekwondo training …

What I think I’m doing …


What I’m actually doing…

baby tkd