Korean skin care routine and diet


( Actress and Model Go Jun Hee )

As you probably heard, korean girls are skinny. REALLY skinny.

On top of that , almost all of them have FLAWLESS skin ! Without even talking about their perfect hair

( so shinny and soft *O* )

Korean ( woman AND men ) are generaly craaazy about their physic. They spend a large amound of money for it !

I’m a yo-yo type of girl. My body love to play the Fit-Fat game : Fit in Summer, Fat in Winter.

My hair is a mess. I have curly hair, and since I’m in Seoul, they have met their two best ENEMIES : Mister Humidity and Miss Rain.


My arabic genes are really not helping me …

But one thing did improve since I’m here : my skin ❤

Korean skin products are AH-MAY- ZING !

Grab a snack and get confortable because this post is gonna be veeeeery long.

Korean Skin Care Routine


( 2NE1’s Sandara Park without makeup )

I never saw so much cosmetic stores and endless options for skincare  than in Korea !

Korean women typically use up to 15-20 different products DAILY on their skin >..<

In France, I used to wash my face with a cleansing gel or an emollient soap and apply some Rose water after.


When I talked about it to my korean friends they were like:

young lady

Now, I use all of this:


I discovered the importance of a Toner and a moisturizer !

(My skin is so soft ~huhuhuhu )

A typical Korean skincare routine goes a bit like this:

  1. Cleanse : Remove makeup and cleanse the skin. In Korea, double cleansing is the key. They generaly use a cream/oil based cleanser, and then cleanse again with a gentle cream/foaming cleanser. For me, I just remove my eye and lip makeup with a lip & eye remover ( Innisfree: Apple Juicy Lip&Eye Remover ) and cleanse my face with a foaming cleanser ( Innisfree: Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam ).
  2.  Exfoliate: Exfoliation is typically not done everyday. I do it once or twice a week ! I use Skin Food: Black Suger Strawberry Mask Wash Off ( Smell soooo good ❤ )
  3. Tone: Using a toner is incredibly important. I know that now.  There is so much pollution in Seoul so it’s pretty much a necessity. Not only does it remove the remaining dirt, grime, makeup, and pollution from your skin, it also prepare your face so your serums and moisturizers can be better penetrated into your skin. I use Etude House:Wonder Pore Freshner.
  4. Mask: After toning your skin, you may use a paper/hydro gel face mask. But it’s optional. I heard that Korean women use them every night ! When I feel that my face really need it ( maybe one or twice a week ) I use Innisfree Mask ! They are MAGIC ( big up for the Cucumber one ❤ )
  5. Serum and/or Essence: After your skin is nice and clean, you apply a serum and or an essence. These DO NOT replace your moisturizer. I use Skinfood: Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.
  6. Moisturizer: After you’ve cleansed, exfoliated, toned, possibly used a face mask, and used your serum, it’s finally time to moisturize your skin.  I have an oily skin and since I use a moisturizer  I produce significantly less oil ! I use Etude House: Shea Butter Sleeping Pack.

PFEW ! This sh** is daaamn long ! It is a bit intense isn’t it ? But trust me, your skin will thank you 😉

It became a sort of ritual for me and it’s kinda therapeutic !

Korean Diet


(Actress Yoon Eun- Hye )

Their secret ? GOOD GENES !

Trust me, I met a looooot of korean girls eating like 4 japanese sumo and they don’t seems to take a gram.


If I eat only one french fries I am sure that it will find its way to my butt…

I tried a TONS of diet and I was really curious about korean diet.

When they are in 다이어트 ( Da-i-o-teu ) they basicaly starve themself. REALLY

One day, I saw a girl lunch box that contains: 4 cherry tomato, half an orange, 2 tiny brocoli and maybe some almond . CRAZY !

I googled a little ( no actually I spent a night doin’ this sh** ) and I found a lot of stuff like this:



( I loove her channel )

And, I’m not gonna denie it: I tried the « Banana Diet » and the « Sweet Potatoe » one.

Ladies, don’t try this. IT DOES’NT WORK AT ALL !!!

 In one week, I lost 7 days of my life.

For me, the real secret is to eat less than 1200 calories/day AND to exercices !

It’s longer and harder, but it’s the only healthy way to lose your fat 🙂



19 réflexions sur “Korean skin care routine and diet

  1. Param dit :

    I LOVE the way you write xD So honest and funny *-* I wish i had the chance to talk to you in person haha
    Anyway.. im a fatty and i know that starvation doesnt necessarily help with losing weight ㅜㅜ.. i should do it the old way, eating less and exercising more.. but stress and study make it so difficult ㅠㅠ so 화이팅!!
    About the skin.. I’ve spent so much time and money on it, trying different products and stuff iver the years.. but I have this annoying mix of dry and impure skin (Yes, these two can cohexist ㅜㅜ) and products for one make the other worse and viceversa.. so its pretty difficult to cure… i cant wait to go back to korea for a longer time, maybe some korean products will help *-*
    This is almost longer thab your post haha, sorry! Bye 🙂

  2. petite être dit :

    salut !
    J’ai cru comprendre que tu étais musulmane et je voulais te demander : je sais qu’à Séoul dans le quartier d’itaewon on trouve des restaurants hallal, mais je voulais savoir si il y avais un restaurant hallal qui faisait de la cuisine coréenne ? car il y a beaucoup de plats coréens que j’aimerais gouter, mais la plupart son à base de viande T^T

    Voila j’espère que ma question ne te dérange pas ^^ En tout cas bonne chance pour ton « régime » et bon ramadan 😉

    • samahinkorea dit :

      Salut ~~
      Désolée de te répondre que maintenant !
      Il n’y a malheureusement pas de restaurant coréen halal à ma connaissance…
      Mais ne t’inquiètes pas, il y a beaucoup de plats à base de fruits de mer et de poissons super bons !
      De même que des plats végétariens 😀

      Bon Ramadan à toi aussi !


  3. getsetblush dit :

    I really loved the way you explained each little step and in humor tone. I really want to try some korean skincare products 😦
    they aint available in INDIA 😦

  4. Amie dit :

    Hey thanks for the great advice!!!! Can you tell me if any of the products you use ship internationally and around how much it cost for you? And maybe sone links to websites because i have A LOT to look through haha xD thanks!!

  5. yoontita dit :

    kinda like the way to write, easy, straight forward and funny too. And the information is very useful and honesty. I’m very interested in Korean Celebrity World so i hope u can post some more about Korea 🙂

  6. Maica Santos dit :

    Hi! I loved this article. I just ordered a mini korean skin care set on amazon that included a lot of the skin care regimen. I think it was called suwhasoo. Plus a snail serum from mizon. For the meantime I’ve been doing the 424 method and in one day saw results. My skin needs this haha. This was a great article thank you

  7. erthfanjdbgs dit :

    Eating less than 1200 kcal a day isn’t healthy! Trust me; I tried it and I’m still recovering from it even though I started to eat more two years ago. Sure it’s good to lose a lot of weight in a short ammount of time, but you can’t just stop and start eating a normal ammount of food and expect that you won’t get heavier. Because of that diet I still can’t eat more than 1500 kcal or I’ll gain weight.
    The secret to losing weight is eating healthier and appreciating the food. So don’t touch those french fries! Instead have a balanced dinner which has 2/3 greens.

  8. rosethomasuk dit :


    Korean skin care routine

    Unfortunately, there is no halal Korean tips to my knowledge …
    But do not worry, there are many Korean tips step by step… super good!
    As well as korean girls

  9. Mackenzie dit :

    Hello!!! Can I use ETUDE HOUSE WONDER PORE? I’m a 17 yr old guy, I have mild acne and my mom is working in Korea. Thank you! 😀

  10. […] Korean skin care routine and diet | promenadesdansseoul – Jul 06, 2013 · ( Actress and Model Go Jun Hee ) As you probably heard, korean girls are skinny. REALLY skinny. On top of that , almost all of them have FLAWLESS skin !… […]

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