5 months later… ( Part 1 )

I can’t believe it took me so long to write this last article!

I guess I needed time to overcome my sadness


I left Seoul on August, and gosh that was so heartbreaking !

I spent my last night in Korea with my friends laughing and playing like I wasn’t going to take the plane in the morning…

I didn’t sleep a lot ( maybe 2 or 3 hours) and when I left the dorm, with my heavy luggage,

I saw all my friends standing in front of me: they didn’t sleep at all !

I was so shocked that, well,  I couldn’t  cry.



During the flight, I was chatting with a young Japanese woman and her mother.

She was telling me that she dreamed to come to Paris all her life.


Poor thing, she will be very VERY shocked, like the others victims of the

« Paris syndrome »

(not kidding, it does really exist ! )

After 12 hours, I arrived in Paris and I spent the night trying to sleep… on a bench inside the airport.


(The worst night of my entire life)

And in the morning, I took my train to MARSEILLES.


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